Giftwrap time

So its time to wrap the gifts that are left.  I’m lucky to have a decent amount of wrapping paper here at the house.  And that’s a good thing, because I have no wish to brave the shopping malls or stores today.  I’m trying to stay dry until the rain passes.  That should be tomorrow, so I’m out of luck tonight when we’ll be heading out to church for Christmas Eve service. Its the kids service, so it is going to be absolutely crazy and loud. Whee.

Then tomorrow morning will be very early.  A 4 year old and a 2 year old are going to be getting up at the crack of dawn, so we’ll need to get over to Grandma’s quickly so they don’t make everyone there very cranky.  And the 2 dogs there will be in everything.  Kids, dogs, adults, and Christmas.  What else do you need? A good nights rest and alcohol, that’s what.  A sense of humor, of course!