Closer to fine

Well, the out of town family has headed home. I’m just not used to little ones for more than a couple of hours at a time. Four year olds and two year olds will wear you out in no time whatsoever.

While the kids were here, we took them to the McWane Center downtown. Although Grandma wanted to see the movie with the kids, Mom vetoed it since the 2 year old was running into naptime and the 4 year old was antsy. We just played in the Just Mice Size area before eating lunch, then went upstairs and saw the model train and science exhibits. Playing with the robots and the colored videos and the distorted room. The computer screens with the butterflies and colored amoeba like things were cool, even for the 2 year old. But the large sized plastic pins were the biggest hit for both. Kids faces and hands were replicated and both of them had the biggest time playing with those 2 foot square plates. The Rube Goldberg machine in the lobby is one of the coolest exhibits at the McWane Center. The kids (and adults, too) could spend hours just watching all the balls rolling through the different tracks, hitting the different objects that are tuned and bouncing through the jumps. If you have the opportunity, do visit.