I’m in a wedding?


OK, I guess.

Let me back up. My Mom directs weddings occasionally. She’s got a good bit of experience working with people of all ages and pursuading them to co-operate and do what needs to be done, but in a pleasant manner. So a young lady at our church is getting married tomorrow, and had set it up with the priest that Mom would direct the wedding. But she never called Mom to verify it or talk about what she wanted and needed. So yesterday Mom called her to see if she was actually directing the wedding, or just not wanted.

Yes, the wedding is at 11:00AM. Yes, the bridesmaids know to be there at 8:00AM. Yes, the photographer is going to be there at 8:30 to start photos.Yes, her brother is picking up the flowers for the wedding. Does he know that the flowers need to be there in time for photos? She didn’t think about that. Did she want acolytes for the service? She didn’t think about that. If the wedding party has to be there at 8:00 AM, they’ll need something to snack on so they won’t pass out up at the altar during the service. Didn’t think of that either. Are there going to be lay eucharistic ministers for communion during the service? Forgot that too. She and her husband have gone through counseling with the priest, and have gotten a lot of other things lined up. But if she had talked to Mom earlier, she wouldn’t be quite so frazzled now.

So I get a call yesterday to be an acolyte during the service. No problem. I’m not committed elsewhere on Saturday. I was given the time for the rehearsal, and showed up tonight. As we are in the middle of the rehearsal, we get to the point where prayers are read after the vows, and the priest asks if the bride has someone to read them. She doesn’t and so the priest suggests me. He asks me if I want to, and I say it is up to the bride. She oks it, so now I’m reading those prayers. And we start to get to the eucharist portion of the service, and I ask about lay eucharistic ministers. Now, I’m licensed to be a LEM, and since I’m already up at the altar, guess who’s the LEM? You have 3, and the first 2 don’t count. snicker. So I get to be at church in the morning at 10:00AM. Whee!