Biblioholics, unite!

Yes, I have to admit it, I, geekgirl, am a biblioholic. I prefer escapist fiction, sci fi and fantasy, but I read mystery and history too. I’m in the middle of my umpty-umth reading of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I read it for the first time in 6th grade. It remains one of my all time favorite books. Tolkien’s engaging story grabbed me from the first and his use of language has kept me over the years.

I’m also reading CS Friedman’s  In Conquest Born at other times. I really appreciate the politics of it and the scope of the worlds.

But I’m always looking for other fun reads.  If you have one to add, please do so!


4 thoughts on “Biblioholics, unite!

  1. i couldn’t finish the lord of the rings the first time i tried to, so i’m a bit wary to try again! if you enjoyed reading his book, i’m sure you’ll enjoy his biography even more! i loved reading about tolkien and how his life and the people around him shaped him into the great author that he is.

  2. As other have said, “de gustibus non disputatum,” so I’m not gonna beat you up about not being able to get through it. I’ve been told that if you can make it through the story to Rivendale, you should be able to finish, since the story really picks up after that. It also depends on why you didn’t finish it before, too. If it was because the story dragged and was somewhat condescending in the early parts, it does get
    better later. If you don’t care for the fantasy, then forget it. It won’t get any better.

    I haven’t read that bio of Tolkien, but I have read Humphrey Carpenter’s biography of Tolkien. I appreciate his language and world building. I’ve also read Tolkien and the Great War, the Threshhold of Middle Earth, the biography of his WWI service. Talk about sobering. Of his close friends, only one other survived the war.

    If you like medieval material, I suggest that you try Tolkien’s translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,Pearl, Sir Orofeo. A fun book that has a sense of humor, but doesn’t talk down to the reader as much as the Hobbit does is Farmer Giles of Ham. It’s a jovial romp through a medieval landscape with myopic giants, greedy dragons, and latinate jokes.

    At one point in time, I belonged to an email list about Tolkien and his works. Unfortunately, I’m a job beyond that email address, and can’t find the subscription email any more. Life goes on, and I’ll catch up with those folks sooner or later down the road.

    The Road goes ever on and on
    Down from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    And I must follow, if I can,
    Pursuing it with eager feet,
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet.
    And whither then? I cannot say.

    — J R R Tolkien

  3. Love Tolkein. have you ever listened to the audio read by Rob Inglis? If you have the opportunity give them a try. He sings the songs and everything and brings a new level of pleasure to the books.

  4. Stefanie, I’m not real big on audio books. I’ve only listened to one. It worked out very well while I was traveling on a trip, but for the 20 minute commute to work, it got to be frustrating, and was leading to problems with getting out of the car to go into work! I much prefer the written word.

    The Rob Inglis audio has been recommended to me before, so I do need to find it and listen. Thanks for checking in!

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