Working on Administrivia, Happening 50, pt 2

Happening logoI just got in tonight after spending a couple of hours putting together a Big Sis’s handbook for me. I also picked up some snack stuff for tomorrow’s staff meeting. Earlier today we got the second musician for the weekend confirmed. Tomorrow is that first staff meeting!

I will be glad when the meeting is over. I still have to visit the church in Guntersville and see what they need of us. November’s big sis is bringing the crate up with other administrative stuff, and I’m beginning to feel halfway comfortable with the Big Sis’s role. Maybe I’ll start to get better rest at night now. I’ve been sleeping very poorly lately. Its anxiety, I know. I want this Happening to go well. And with it being a landmark number, Alabama Happening #50, it gives the retreat more attention. Just what I wanted, more attention on the first time I am in charge.