Panic, everyone, there might be frozen precipitation tonight!

OK, now it is reaching the ridiculous here. In the state of Alabama, if there is the remotest chance of frozen precipitation, people panic. And they are panicking right now. The local news shows are broadcasting their versions of the panic buttons and their lists of closings and postponed openings for the morning. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Waah! I want some snow to fall here! We haven’t had a measurable snowfall in years! We’ll be waiting longer for snow here, none tonight.

Upcoming Happening staff meeting

Happening LogoThis Saturday is the overnight staff meeting. We’ll meet at the church where Happening is taking place and get the layout of the facility straight. The kids on staff will finish the preparations there at the church and have some training on small group facilitating, and their job roles for staff. The folks giving talks will work with the priests on their talks to make sure that they have the tools they need to make their talk their own.

It is now time to get a plan for that meeting, to make sure everything we need to do gets done! The youth who is the leader of the weekend and I are meeting tomorrow night to make sure we have everything in line that we need.