started reading Butler’s Blood Child

On the recommendation of Stefanie at the Somanybooks blog, I found a copy of Octavia Butler’s Blood Child and got it. I’ve read the first two stories, and was quite pleased by them. “Blood Child” and “The Evening and the Morning and the Night” were both interesting. I think I find “The Evening…” a bit more compelling than “Blood Child,” but I want to finish the other stories before I do much more talk writing about the book.


4 thoughts on “started reading Butler’s Blood Child

  1. yes, but you and some of your compatriots who blog all the time about books are a bit intimidating. 😉 I read fluff for the most part to relax and unwind. I rarely analyze why I like the books I do. So when there are folks who read better than I do on a regular basis who read my comments, I have a bad case of stage fright.

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