Bleh, myspace and layout browser inconsistencies

I just spent a bit of time tracking down the problems my biz myspace page was having. I’m supposed to have a slideshow of pictures on my page. The calendar, friends and comments should show up too. Basic stuff, you know?

I found out a friend of mine has a myspace page for kitty pics. No big thing, just a silly page. I sent her a friend request and she accepted. She sent me a message today, to encourage me to put up some photos in a slideshow on my page. Now wait a minute, I should already have a slideshow up! What about the calendar? Is anything showing up?

I use Firefox 2.0 for my browser and the page shows up fine with all the different sections. But when I pulled the page up in Internet Explorer, only the main profile paragraph showed up. No pictures, calendar, friends, or comments. Its a great big raspberry for me and my biz. Thanks.

So I went to the layout website to see if they had any updates for the layout. I had generated the one I was using, so it ended up being easier to generate a new one to use. The new background is a bit brighter and hopefully it will be a bit nicer on the folks’ eyes. So if you’d like a laugh, you can check out my biz myspace page.