Visited 29 Dreams

On Saturday DH and I went riding on his motorcycle. It was perfect weather for it, bright blue skies, and warm. We had heard about a a place to go on the bike, and decided to visit.

We drove out from home east on Hwy 78 through Leeds to Highway 25. Then we turned south onto Highway 25 and followed it. And followed it, and followed it as it twisted and turned and climbed and fell. There are some nice views as it goes over Double Oak Mountain. We arrived and pulled into 29 Dreams. 29 Dreams is local (relatively) motorcycle resort that is located in Shelby County on Highway 25 just outside of Vandiver. It is a motorcycle only place, and a private club. The owner says that you can only come if you are on a bike. You are welcome as long as you are not a jerk.

There is a motorcycle shop at the front of the property. It is set up so that folks can trailer a bike there with no problem. There’s a paved drive at the entrance to the workshop area. Just beyond that is a gate. There are no cars except for staff and deliveries allowed beyond that gate. Behind and to the left of the shop is the store. There is a little barn styled building that has different motorcycle gear and accessories, as well as merchandise for 29 Dreams. About 10 yards into the property from the store is an outdoor eating area with picnic tables and umbrellas. You go down a couple 3 steps to an outdoor bar under a trellis, and pass more picnic tables with umbrellas, then a few more steps to the lodge. There is a wide porch outside with rocking chairs. Inside is another bar with a menu for food too!

DH is not a stereotypical biker. He drives an ’06 Ural Troika – a motorcycle with a sidecar. And I’m not your stereotypical biker chick either, just ageekgirl. So it was interesting walking into an area that had probably between 80 and 100 motorcycles parked. With most folks in the area looking a bit more like the stereotypical biker than I’m used to, it was interesting to walk into the main lodge. In the sidecar, I can ride wearing my crocs if I wanted to, rather than have to wear sturdy footgear. I usually don’t ride in crocs, just because I prefer to be a bit prepared in case of emergency. I was wearing a Girl Genius tshirt, jeans and hiking boots. DH was wearing a church concert tshirt, jeans and his tanker boots. Neither of us were wearing anything with any motorcycle logo, and no leather outside of our boots. People there were a bit curious about us, but not rude. The folks working there at the lodge were very busy, but very helpful.  We joined the club, and had a couple of drinks there at the lodge.  We spoke with a fella who was there on his BMW bike.  He is a member of the local BMW rider’s club, and talked about the things his club does.  The club had gone camping for the weekend, but he decide not to  take part this year. Another person came by with information about a rally in Selma, AL in May. It was a relaxed atmosphere.

We finished up and then after we got back on the bike we drove back to the cabins and camping area.  It is a nice place.  They have live bands on the weekends and their food is supposed to be very good.  Some time we will go back out to have a bite to eat. So if you ride, go by and see for yourself!