Some Motorcycle work finished

Well, DH did a bit of knuckle busting and wrench turning yesterday. It went OK even though he is still recovering from being sick. He took the final drive off and check out the drive shaft connections, took all the wheels off and took apart the axle parts and bearings. DH re-packed the bearings in grease and put the wheels back. He balanced the carburetors, and fired it up. It did start, and survived the trip down the block. He is really glad that the bike is easy to take care of!

I helped watched him do most of the maintenance yesterday.  And handed him a few tools.  Even put one of the bearings back together that had fallen and fallen apart. Hack monkeys have their uses.  I even learned a bit from it, and not new ways to curse. It is a lovely bike, and I hope to be riding in it soon!