More work ‘puter problems.

My office computer has been shutting down at random times for no reason. Its as if the office took a quick power hit and the computer shuts down and then re-starts. It is maddening. After doing it last Monday for the second time in a week, it is now sitting on a UPS that is designed for a server, not a single PC. snicker. I just wish the UPS was a bit quieter.

We think that either the computer’s power supply is faulty, or the wall plug is messed up. If When it dies again, we’ll have enough information about it to either replace the power supply or get the wall plug fixed or replaced. The UPS will beep loudly and obnoxiously if it is the wall power supply. The computer will lose power and restart itself if it is the power supply.

The biggest hitch in this scheme is the randomness of it losing power. Prior to losing power 2 weeks ago, it was a month before that it happened. And yes, I am paranoid about the machine after the hard drive died in February. I’ve been documenting the time and circumstances of it losing power since the second time it lost power on me. I may be not the brightest bulb around, but I do learn from circumstances.

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