Back in town now.

We went out of town for my business over Memorial Day. My annual continuing education for my side business takes place in Orlando, FL either the end of May or the end of June, depending on the dates the organizers can schedule with the hotels. Its a blast, and I always learn so much. The 10 hour drive back and forth is draining, but is worth having a car there.

The cats were so funny after we got home. The big fluffy ginger tabby has stuck under my or DH’s feet everywhere we go in the house. All three are very clingy. That’s what happens when you leave for basically a week. 😦 They’ll get more comfortable with us again  soon.


Problems posting right now, sorry…

For some reason, I can’t post from some places. So my posting is going to be sporadic right now. My laptop is about to be sent off for service and so life is going to be very entertaining for a bit. Thanks for your indulgence while this craziness goes on.