Problems in the motorcycle world

Yup, there are problems. I’m home today, recovering. DH took me out yesterday for my second lesson in driving a motorcycle. The first had been about a year ago. Its a medium-big bike, 750 cc. And I have a hard time with my hands on the handgrips reaching the hand brake. I had the bike in 1st gear, and hit the gas when I didn’t mean to. We impacted a guard rail in a local parking lot. The bike hit, and then I hit the guard rail. At least I wasn’t going very fast. The bike was only in 1st gear. After checking on me, DH got the bike away from the guard rail and the fender pulled out away from the fron tire. The front forks are messed up, the headlight is askew, and there are 2 really cool impact marks in the front of the hack. 😦 We went back to the house to leave the bike and get my car, then on to the emergency room to make sure nothing on me was seriously damaged.

The emergency room trip only took an hour and a half! I was shocked that they were able to see me that quickly. Nothing broken, just some lovely, lovely bruises that are going to turn spectacular colors. My right knee has a great goose egg on it. My left calf has 2 scrapes and some very good bruising, and the leftside of my ribcage is also very bruised and tender. They gave me prescriptions for some anti-inflammatories and pain meds. Then the search for a pharmacy that stayed open past 6PM on a Sunday night. Nothing on this side of town was open. It took some doing to find a pharmacy that stayed open on Sunday nghts.

DH called the insurance company for the mortorcycle today. I answered some questions for the adjuster and he’s going to look at the bike in the next day or so. There’s local motorcycle safety class that is offered that I’m going to look into. They teach it on smaller bikes. I need to get my hands co-ordinated before I even try to get on DH’s bike again.