Motorcycle update, June 17

Well, DH is still waiting on an appraisal from the motorcycle shop for fixing the front forks and the rest of the motorcycle parts. The shop wants to say its may take 30-40 hours to fix the dents in the sidecar? Huh? Yeah, right. DH told them to get an appraisal for the motorcycle forks and the front part of the bike, so the bike could get running, and then he’d worry about the sidecar. He told them this on Saturday June 9th. They still don’t have an appraisal for the forks yet. He’s about to tell them to forget it, since they obviously don’t want his business. Its frustrating him very much.

I’ve investigated the Morotcycle Safety Classes that are offered here in Alabama. The June class is full, and they don’t offer them in July and August. I don’t understand why they don’t want to stand around out in the sun on a parking lot all day in July and August. Duh! </sarcasm> I’ll be taking the Basic Riders Course sometime in the fall. It’ll be money well spent.

If you’re wondering

what the previous weirdness was, I found the BLITEOTW site late Wednesday night. It was a blog site that started the zombipocalypse idea. The main idea of the thing was to have everybody who wanted to participate blog all day about zombies taking over their corner of the world. And as I have a bit of haunted house experience, that was just too fun and silly not to take up. I just hate that I didn’t find out about it until too late in the day to take real advantage of the entire meme. There are some really great blogs out there linked to the site with fantastic setups that are really great writing. They set up the situations very plausibly and keep up very real seeming situations. I need to find and post some of the links to the bloggers whose stories were the best.