June woes

What is it with June this year? The motorcycle, the laptop, and now the wisdom tooth.

I had my last wisdom tooth out this afternoon. The first two came out 22?!? years ago. Then the dentist said he was going to wait until the other two didn’t have to be cut out of my mouth, so the third one came out about 6 or 7 years ago. It was coming in sideways and cutting into my cheek. I was pleased to have it out.

Actually, I’m pretty glad to have the last one out. It was coming in sideways too, and starting to rip up the inside of my other cheek. It took longer for all the anesthetic to take effect than it took for the dentist to pop the tooth out of my jaw. I’m more than willing to wait for it. It was an upper wisdom tooth. My dentist was only partly joking when he said that the root went up to the eye socket. I’m going to wait for all that anethetic to take effect!

But my mouth is now sore and the local anesthetic is wearing off. I’ve picked up the antibiotic and painkillers that were prescribed for me. Whee, more drugs. Ain’t my normal thing, but tooth extractions are not my normal thing either. I only have a couple of days of the painkiller, but the antibiotics are a full course. Gaping holes in your mouth are not good things, except for special effects. 😉

Thank goodness for modern dentistry. It makes these things so much easier!