The computer is here!

And there was much rejoicing! Oh frabjous day, callou callay!

No this post isn’t from the new computer. I still have to get it configured and get the wireless set up on it, so that is going to take a bit of time, but otherwise it is a good day!


I still haven’t finished “the Book”

Yet. We (DH & I) ended up spending the day at my parents with my entire family. My sister was in town for her 20th high school reunion. And my brother who lives out of town was in too! Family day indeed. My 2.5 year old nephew was not a happy camper when I told him I didn’t bring the paints for his face. But the family day was nice to have.

I’m not going to take the book to bed, since I do want to get some sleep tonight, and I know that once I start reading again, I’ll not want to put it down until I finish it or absolutely have to close it. Oof. No geek cred for me on this occurrence, I’m afraid. DH isn’t helping. His spoilers are really obnoxious. For example, he’ll tell me “the kids catch and stop Voldemort. They pull his mask off and he says ‘I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids.'” All of the spoilers are done along those lines.

In the mean time, I’m going to try to get caught up on some rest. Next weekend is going to be tough. I’m working at a festival, and the weather is supposed to be very hot. Its time to start hydrating now for next weekend.

New motorcycle forks in from California

So the motorcycle shop has gotten it to a paint shop and they should be painted to match the rest of the bike. DH and I are hoping that the bike should be ready by the end of the week. At least the repair place is keeping us in the information loop. We’re both really pleased about that. DH is especially pleased, since the bike gets so much better gas mileage than his 1989 Jeep Wrangler.

Still no word on the computer yet

Its in production, though, according to the Dell web site. The estimated ship date is still the first of August. I want my computer! Now!

If I hold my breath and stomp my feet, will it get here any sooner? Noooo. 😦 Oh well. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be finished being put together and shipped sooner than their estimated date. It can’t hurt, at any rate.

We have “the book”

And DH has even finished it. He read it all day Sunday and finished it Sunday evening. He isn’t giving me spoilers, other than facetious ones. This way I don’t have to beat him about the head and shoulders with a pillow for it. 🙂 I finally started it this evening, but I have work to do at home before I can get back into it. I have another gig this week that is going to take several evenings. The kit has to be put together for it. Don’t ya hate it, paying work getting in the way of my fiction reading? I’ll survive somehow. I just don’t need to be staying up all night reading, I have to go to work during the day and have the brain engaged for that job.

After I finish, I’ll put together my impressions in a spoiler friendly way for folks. In the mean time, enjoy what you’re reading!

Obligatory Harry Potter mania post

Ok. DH and I will be getting the new Harry Potter book this upcoming weekend. Fortunately (unfortunately) I have a job first thing Saturday morning. So that puts the kibosh on trying to stay up tomorrow night and get one of the first copies of the book. 😦 Now if I was working one of the book parties, that would be different. I’d stay up for it Friday night and live on caffeine on Saturday. Yes, caffeine is one of the essential food groups. Caffiene, Chocolate, Salt, and Sugar. Back on track now.

DH and I are curious to see who makes it and who doesn’t. Ms. Rowling is willing to take out characters, so it should be interesting. We have pretty much avoided the big spoilers and “leaked” book pictures. I know there are decoys out amongst the spoilers and that the publishers are going to do the best they can to squash ’em all. The biggest question for us is going to be the disposition of Snape. (And a terribly disagreeable disposition it is) What exactly is going on with him? And will he end up the goat or the unsung hero?

Computer build started

according to the order status at Dell. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that its be done and shipped before the August 1st estimated ship date. I want my own machine again! Yes, I’m spoiled. I don’t want to share a computer with my husband. He likes to play World of Warcrack or COmbat Mission, or Steel Beasts when I’d like to get in and read my emails or work on stuff for the biz. I also like being able to be upstairs where its a bit warmer rather than in the basement where the temperature is much cooler than upstairs. It suits DH, but my blood is a bit thinner.

The new computer will be here soon. Then I’ll be able to stay warm working on it again!

Nothing big going on,

just waiting for the new ‘puter. I broke down and ordered a new laptop. I need a machine of my own, and I ordered a Dell Vostro. Its through their small business division. I got XP pro with it, as opposed to Vista. I have no wish to get anything with Vista on it until after service pack 1, if not service pack 2. I’ll be burning a cd with a firewall and anti-crap stuff on it before I hook it up to teh intarwebs. You have a very, very short time before the bad guys know you are online and out there and they are trying to hijack your computer, so pre-loaded malware fighters are good things! I think the statistic is 12 minutes after connecting to the web that they are actively attempting to load schtuff on your machine. It may be even shorter. So keep those security programs up to date on your machine!

Please don’t rag on me too much for the Dell purchase. I’m going to see just how this machine is. If it is total junk, I’ll see if I can sell it on ebay and get something else.

nice flowers

Stefanie had posted pictures of her peonies earlier. I finally am getting around to posting a few pictures of some of the flowers from earlier in the year. The drought has wreaked havok with the plants in my yard. The pepper plants and the hibiscus didn’t survive the water restrictions, unfortunately.

From the end of March, the dogwood blooms.Dogwood tree

And a closeup of one of the blooms.Dogwood bloom

Then one of the azaleas from the same time.Pink Azaleas

Then an iris that I’ve got the orientation in the picture wrong.  Purple IrisIt really isn’t growing down, but you can still see the lovely color that it does have. That pictures is from the beginning of April.

Now the lavendar is growing sideways. The picture is from the first of June. Lavendar

All the blooms from these excepts for the lavendar are gone.  The lavendar has a little bit of the blooms still on the stalks, but they are in sad shape.  I have a picture of a very poor looking coneflower, but it isn’t in good shape at all.

Welcome to my yard.

Hooray for July!

Or June is over.

Thank God! It has not been a good June. Its not the worst June I’ve ever had, but it hasn’t been good at all. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that July is going to be much, much better than June was.

I do hope that any celebrating that you may do this week is very fun and safe. The drought in the area here is going to keep lots of folks from playing with fireworks, but fireworks aren’t what makes the July 4th celebrations. They are a nice icing on the cake, but it isn’t the celebration itself.