nice flowers

Stefanie had posted pictures of her peonies earlier. I finally am getting around to posting a few pictures of some of the flowers from earlier in the year. The drought has wreaked havok with the plants in my yard. The pepper plants and the hibiscus didn’t survive the water restrictions, unfortunately.

From the end of March, the dogwood blooms.Dogwood tree

And a closeup of one of the blooms.Dogwood bloom

Then one of the azaleas from the same time.Pink Azaleas

Then an iris that I’ve got the orientation in the picture wrong.  Purple IrisIt really isn’t growing down, but you can still see the lovely color that it does have. That pictures is from the beginning of April.

Now the lavendar is growing sideways. The picture is from the first of June. Lavendar

All the blooms from these excepts for the lavendar are gone.  The lavendar has a little bit of the blooms still on the stalks, but they are in sad shape.  I have a picture of a very poor looking coneflower, but it isn’t in good shape at all.

Welcome to my yard.


2 thoughts on “nice flowers

  1. Stefanie, thanks so much! I love having dogwoods in my yard. They have such marvelous flowers. It almost looks like a snowfall has occured in the trees when they are in full bloom. I ended up with a giant lavendar variety when I purchased the plant at the local botanical gardens plant sale one year. It is taking over that spot, not that I mind it very much. I’d probably have a hard time in your climate these days, myself.

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