Nothing big going on,

just waiting for the new ‘puter. I broke down and ordered a new laptop. I need a machine of my own, and I ordered a Dell Vostro. Its through their small business division. I got XP pro with it, as opposed to Vista. I have no wish to get anything with Vista on it until after service pack 1, if not service pack 2. I’ll be burning a cd with a firewall and anti-crap stuff on it before I hook it up to teh intarwebs. You have a very, very short time before the bad guys know you are online and out there and they are trying to hijack your computer, so pre-loaded malware fighters are good things! I think the statistic is 12 minutes after connecting to the web that they are actively attempting to load schtuff on your machine. It may be even shorter. So keep those security programs up to date on your machine!

Please don’t rag on me too much for the Dell purchase. I’m going to see just how this machine is. If it is total junk, I’ll see if I can sell it on ebay and get something else.