Obligatory Harry Potter mania post

Ok. DH and I will be getting the new Harry Potter book this upcoming weekend. Fortunately (unfortunately) I have a job first thing Saturday morning. So that puts the kibosh on trying to stay up tomorrow night and get one of the first copies of the book. 😦 Now if I was working one of the book parties, that would be different. I’d stay up for it Friday night and live on caffeine on Saturday. Yes, caffeine is one of the essential food groups. Caffiene, Chocolate, Salt, and Sugar. Back on track now.

DH and I are curious to see who makes it and who doesn’t. Ms. Rowling is willing to take out characters, so it should be interesting. We have pretty much avoided the big spoilers and “leaked” book pictures. I know there are decoys out amongst the spoilers and that the publishers are going to do the best they can to squash ’em all. The biggest question for us is going to be the disposition of Snape. (And a terribly disagreeable disposition it is) What exactly is going on with him? And will he end up the goat or the unsung hero?