Life is busy

So my new computer is still half set up, Harry Potter is still a quarter read, and I’m no closer to getting either finished until after the weekend. Or after Saturday at any rate. This bibliophile is not completely bereft, though. Thanks to Stefanie, I found out about the Thursday Next series by Jasper FForde and happened to find the first book at Barnes and Noble. I’ve been enjoying her adventures as she goes up against Acheron Hades, amongst others.

Please wish me luck that I survive Saturday. I’ll be working outside at a festival all day long. The temperature is forecast to be 92 F with a 20% chance of rain. Hopefully the humidity won’t be so much that we’ll all be melting outside in the heat. I’ll be drinking lots of water. I’ve already had one run in with the heat, I don’t want to make it a repeat.


4 thoughts on “Life is busy

  1. The Eyre Affair is great so far! I have gotten as far as the Richard the 3rd performance and was laughing out loud and scaring DH. Thank you!

    It got up to 99F yesterday at the festival. It was killing hot, as DH said. I was just glad that we had a cooler of water available and weren’t living on the local economy. $3.00/20 oz bottle of water at a festival is felonious usury. Especially when the festival is taking place at the height of summer and when temperatures are peaking.

  2. I know the scene was modeled on the Rocky Horror Picture Show performance following. Having been a part of that for a time, it was waay too familiar. 😉 You’d have to start something like the Richard the 3rd at a university, with a set of theater students who love Will. Get them to bring their friends, and it might snowball. 🙂

    As far as the $3.00 water goes, festival prices are as much as the market will bear. 😦

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