Music rant

I sing in the choir at church. Our regular practice was tonight. When I got to practice this evening, there were folks there who aren’t singing in the choir.

Let me back up a week. Last week when I went to practice there was a gentleman there who is getting married in a couple of weeks who came in and took over our practice with preparation for his wedding. While he was there, he invited all the choir members to come and sing at his wedding with other folks for chorale music. This week, actually today, he called the lady who is organizing us and basically invited the entire chorale there to practice for his wedding. So we spent the majority of our practice time on his wedding music. First, I’m not impressed with the person that he has organizing and leading his music. I’ve heard his work before and it leaves me cold. Second, its our practice time for what we are working on for church. If he wanted to organize it after our regular practices, that would be different. We don’t exist just for his wedding. I’m probably going to be working elsewhere that day. Auuggggh!