Work is being a pain.

I got the word yesterday. We’re going to be re-doing the salary schedules, since the state post-secondary board is revising the salary schedules. This is for the 2008 fiscal year. Which starts September 1, 2007. The state post-secondary board is making sure the raises that the legislature authorized are actually 7% across the board. In the past, the state post-secondary board played with the salary schedule numbers to make sure that the different grades and steps stayed basically in line and not too far apart. But that resulted in wonky numbers for some grades and steps that didn’t actually equal the percentage raises that the legislature had authorized. Oops. As I found out the year before last. So now the 12 salary schedules with 48 grades and 1248 steps that payroll entered last week are invalid.

I’m a cranky geekgirl tonight. This affects contracts and lots of stuff. Timing is everything. These salary schedules are published the beginning of June. Its a week into August, and three weeks from taking effect. The weather is affecting everyone’s brains. What brains they claim to have, at any rate.

Moar brainzzzzzz!