Finished the Eyre Affaire

It was lots of fun! I’m definitely going to be searching out the rest of the series. Thursday Next is a heroine that I will enjoy!

I must give up some geek cred. I still haven’t finished Harry Potter yet. I had hoped to get further in the book this weekend, but the wedding that I ended up singing in turned into the reception that wouldn’t end and I couldn’t get away from. For something that I had to be there are noon, I couldn’t get away until 7PM. Grrr. Then the event that I had scheduled for my biz on Sunday ran longer than intended, so Sunday afternoon was gone too. Ooof. Oh well. We’ll see if I can read it this evening and put it down when I need to go to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Finished the Eyre Affaire

  1. Isn’t Thursday fantastic? have you been to the website for the “extras?” And don’t worry you haven’t lost your geek cred for not yet having finished Harry Potter 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the rec. Thursday is wonderful. I’ve looked at the website, but haven’t checked out the extras yet. I really wanted to read the book first. Now I need to see what the extras are. 🙂

    At the rate I’m going, I’m going to finish Harry for the first book in the RIP challenge… It looks like I’m going to have the time on Labor Day, and not before.

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