Busy with prep for my biz right now

Sorry that I’ve been a terrible blogger. I’m trying to prepare for 2 festivals this upcoming weekend, and I’m finding that what I want to do is more work than I thought. Isn’t that the way it always is? But anything worth doing is worth doing right. So I’m creating new displays for my new addition and some existing add ons that were never displayed to their advantage at the beginning.

DH finished The Eyre Affaire, and loved it. Now we have to seek out the sequels. Its all my fault, you know. 😉 I forced the book on him, and he is now hooked. Bwahahahaha! 🙂

I’m hoping, after sleeping in on Monday, to finish Harry Potter. But we’ll see what life actually serves up on Monday.


One thought on “Busy with prep for my biz right now

  1. So you know the big twist right? Hermoine is really a dude!

    Just kidding. When you have it finished call us and GP and I would love to discuss.

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