Well, I’m home again.

Last week I flew out to Kansas City and spent several days in rural Missouri for my grandmother’s funeral.

Packing and flying was entertaining, especially trying to pack for this and my business trip to follow. I haven’t been back to Missouri in years. I think the last time I did go back was in 1987 for my grandfather’s funeral. When we moved to Alabama years ago, the biggest adjustment we had was getting used to humidity. The mountains and the trees were also a shock. It was warm in MO, but the humidity is a lot less than what we are used to. Its been so long since I’ve visited the area that Its amazing what has changed and what has stayed the same. The farm land with the cows and horses. Though we thought we saw a llama out there driving to the cemetery. The old farmhouses, and really old dilapidated barns. My brother who is the architect was looking out the windows of the car at the old barns and wants to take the time to photograph the old buildings.

Grandma’s stroke had evidently really pulled her face to one side. The funeral home did a great job fixing her face from the damage that the stroke did. Grandma looked good. She had been dressed in the dress that she wore to her and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary.

The burial was in a family cemetery was an hour and a half/two hour drive south of the funeral. The town where Grandma and Grandpa lived was several hours south of Kansas City, so we spent a very long time driving in the car to different events while we were there.

We had the opportunity to visit the house again. I now have pictures of the house, barn, and yard where we spent so many days when we were little. Grandma and Grandpa always had a garden with vegetables. The tree by the barn had a treehouse that I spent many hours up in, reading whatever books were to hand. I read ERB’s Tarzan, and lots of “guy/adventure” books that they had in the basement. As we walked around the house and yard, my sister and brothers all were comparing notes with me and my parents, saying “remember this”, and “what about that”, and “did you ever do this?” Even though I hadn’t been there for so long, it was still very much the way I remembered it.

Southwest Airlines was very good about helping me re-arrange my flights so I could go to Kansas City, then on to Albuquerque for my other stuff. Speaking of traveling, as I flew into different airports, I found that several of them have free wifi. Birmingham does free wifi, Nashville has wifi but charges, Kansas City has free wifi, Albuquerque not only has free wifi but also sets up desks along the concourses with chairs and power strips for travelers to use. I had a flight change in Dallas at Love Field on the way home, but it was so short I only had time to make a detour to the bathroom and then get into line at gate to get onto the plane. I’m not complaining, I’d much rather have a short wait than a multi-hour layover. Hanging out in an airport in a unfamiliar town is not my idea of a really good time. I did read on the trip, but that’s another post.


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