Oh my, a good business trip

After my grandmother’s funeral, I continued on to my originally scheduled business trip. It was training and competition for my side business. At the end of the competitions, the organizers announced the top three competitors in each category. I didn’t make the top three in my category. I really didn’t expect to do so. I’m very in-experienced with those particular competitions, so I was competing for me and my own experience. Besides, I knew that if I didn’t compete, I wouldn’t push myself to do the best that I could do. Its just the way I am, and I know it. So I made sure that even though it scared the mess out of me, I went ahead on and signed up to compete.

The organizers just sent out an email with the results of the competitions and the rankings of all the competitors in each category. I just about fell out of my chair when I opened up the document and found that I finished 4th in my category! OMGWTFPONIES! Yay! To say that I’m beside myself is a fairly accurate statement. Woohoo!


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