And its the Iron Bowl again

We live in Alabama. And its the defining questions when you move here, or when you show up. Are you for Alabama or Auburn? Depending on the folks asking this, this may sway you one way or the other. My husband is a graduate of Alabama, my brother is a graduate and on staff at Auburn.

Since my family is not originally from Alabama, we came in and were bombarded by the Question. We arrived at the end of the Bear’s tenure as the Bama head coach. The Bama fans were arrogant jerks at that point, so after observing them, the family leaned to Auburn. Then later on my brother attended Auburn, so that was all she wrote.

Today is Iron Bowl Saturday. Its the Ultimate Football Game for folks here. And as someone who is not particularly thrilled with football herself, it is entertaining to watch grown adults make idiots of themselves over a game that has not much significance. As far as the religion of football goes here in this state, I’m a heretic. Its the best time to go shopping here, because most everybody is pre-occupied with the game.