DH’s motorcycle’s company has a new CEO

Oh, wow. DH has a Ural. He loves his bike, but the company has been having financial problems lately. The factory is in Irbit, Ukraine, and evidently they owe a great deal of back taxes. From what he had told me, there was a dispute about taxes, and the company lost, and owed a very large amount to the government.

DH was reading the various Ural forums, and found an interesting news story. IMZ-Ural has a new CEO, from the USA. Evidently the gentleman visited the factory earlier in the year on a investigation from a group of investors, and was impressed by the operations. The company itself is pretty small, but has a good distribution and dealer network out there. The factory is old, but in good shape. The money crunch had hit, so the cash flow has been the biggest problem they have had. So with the deal by the new CEO and local investors, it looks like the company will now be in much better shape. Hooray!

Its a nice bike, so I’m hoping that the new CEO and investors will be able to keep it running in good fashion for many years to come. Or as DH says “keep a steady supply of the spare parts he needs for years to come.”


Birds and new cameras

I got a new camera to use, and I’m learning how to use it to its best effect. Out of ten pictures of a mocking bird, 3 are actually pretty nice. Here is one that I think is about the best of the lot.


Or here is a slightly different look at the bird.


They turned out pretty good.

Merry Christmas to all

I’m here with DH and his family for Christmas. We’re hanging out and playing with their puppies. The full moon last night was spectacular, and I have a couple of pictures on my camera. But the picture in the little lcd screen was much less impressive than the view in front of me, so I have to wait until the pictures are downloaded to see if the come close to the grandeur of the scene we saw last night. DH’s brother and family are off to church for Christmas Eve Mass. And we have stuff to nosh on and lasagna in the oven to eat in a bit. The wines are chilling or cooling, and the other beverages are available. We have mulling spices, and I’ll be mulling some cider,and possibly some wine later. Tomorrow the gift giving frenzy will take place. But it will be a much more subdued frenzy than years past, since the kids are both older and there are no little ones to get adults up at the crack of dawn. We’ll sleep in and play later.

May your holiday season be filled with cheer, and the new year bring health, happiness, joy, and peace to you and your family!

:The pictures turned out better than I first thought.
Full moon over the road

Happy first day of Winter

So its the first full day of winter in the northern hemisphere. Its a grey day here in Birmingham, and the rain is coming, eventually. Right now the rain line is in Arkansas and Missouri. So the folks delivering the angel tree items today should be in pretty good shape. Go rain! we’re still 20 inches behind on the rainfall for the year, so any rain is good rain here.

As with everything else, timing

is everything. Getting sick last week kicked my butt. And threw me so far behind that I don’t know that I’ll get caught back up in a reasonable fashion. DH is now getting sick, and he thinks that he may be coming down with what I had. That’s not good at all.

I finished the Dan Simmons Book, The Terror, and it was a good read. I’m still thinking about it, and thinking about how to write it up. It doesn’t really fit into a neat box. And that’s a very good thing.

I’m going to try to get some rest tonight. Y’all take care.