As with everything else, timing

is everything. Getting sick last week kicked my butt. And threw me so far behind that I don’t know that I’ll get caught back up in a reasonable fashion. DH is now getting sick, and he thinks that he may be coming down with what I had. That’s not good at all.

I finished the Dan Simmons Book, The Terror, and it was a good read. I’m still thinking about it, and thinking about how to write it up. It doesn’t really fit into a neat box. And that’s a very good thing.

I’m going to try to get some rest tonight. Y’all take care.


2 thoughts on “As with everything else, timing

  1. Thank you so much! DH has called the doctor’s office, and they phoned in to the pharmacy some prescriptions for him. Hopefully he’ll be able to rest with classes and finals done, and get well.

    I hope your holiday season is going better than this! I still have gifts to purchase for different folks before the holidays get here. At least is isn’t Christmas Eve yet. 😉

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