Merry Christmas to all

I’m here with DH and his family for Christmas. We’re hanging out and playing with their puppies. The full moon last night was spectacular, and I have a couple of pictures on my camera. But the picture in the little lcd screen was much less impressive than the view in front of me, so I have to wait until the pictures are downloaded to see if the come close to the grandeur of the scene we saw last night. DH’s brother and family are off to church for Christmas Eve Mass. And we have stuff to nosh on and lasagna in the oven to eat in a bit. The wines are chilling or cooling, and the other beverages are available. We have mulling spices, and I’ll be mulling some cider,and possibly some wine later. Tomorrow the gift giving frenzy will take place. But it will be a much more subdued frenzy than years past, since the kids are both older and there are no little ones to get adults up at the crack of dawn. We’ll sleep in and play later.

May your holiday season be filled with cheer, and the new year bring health, happiness, joy, and peace to you and your family!

:The pictures turned out better than I first thought.
Full moon over the road