Car update

Here’s an update on the car situation. DH’s car is still sitting in the parking lot of the service station. An appraiser from the kid’s insurance has looked at the jeep and figures it’ll take $1100.00 to fix the wheel and the body. He didn’t look at the axle to see if it was bent. He’s reported back to the claims adjuster, and now we’re waiting to see what Allstate does. We’re still a one car family right now, so things are interesting.

DH did manage to get his motorcycle up to Tennessee to the dealer to get it looked at. Friday his parents drove the trailer down from Huntsville, then he got the bike on the trailer. They drove back to Huntsville and dropped his mom off at their house. Then he and his dad drove to Waynesboro. They dropped off the bike and trailer ad drove back to Huntsville. I drove up to Huntsville after work and picked him up and we came back to Birmingham. Yes, there was lots of driving done on Friday. But this way the trips got done before the snow, which was the other deciding factor for DH’s parents. The warranty for the Ural is up in mid February, so we’re under a bit of a time crunch to get it looked at and serviced before the warranty runs out.

Hopefully we’ll know in the next day or two what will happen to the jeep. It’s a 1989 jeep wrangler with 192,000 miles on it. Its on the line between repair and replace. If it takes much longer to make the determination, we’ll not be happy campers.