You can hear them coming

We live under the flight path for the short runway. And DH and I are aviation aficionados. This afternoon a P-51 Mustang has been flying around over us. I’d say he was doing touch and gos, but the flight path wasn’t regular enough over us to be straight touch and go. He would fly over us toward runway 36, but his landing gear wasn’t down. Then he would fly length wise above runway 6, but he was slower and had his gear down for it. There’s nothing like the growl of that radial engine!

Then a few minutes ago we saw an AT-6 fly over us. Its been a lovely day for flying. And a fun day to see what is going over our heads.

Edited 2-2-08 I was mistaken. The P-51 has an inline engine. But that Rolls is definitely distinctive! The P-51 flew over us again this morning.