Weird thing happened at our house today

DH’s car is still at the shop so he and I are still carpooling. When we got home from work today, there was a major change to our yard. We drove up and the front lawn was covered with wood chips and scrap. One landscape area was mown down to the ground. Another area had everything but the azalea removed, and the azalea was cut back so much it may not survive. Then the back yard had brush cut and removed. There’s a large pile of branches laying on the ground back there. The rosemary by the driveway was cut waaaaay back. There is now a big pile of leaves and debris in the driveway that wasn’t there when we left home this morning.

DH & I got out of the car and walked around the yard trying to see what exactly was done and wondering what the hell happened! One of the neighbor’s was in his driveway and DH went over to ask him if he saw what happened to our yard. Evidently there was a fairly large crew that came and worked in the yard. They cut plants down and chipped them and spread the chips over the front lawn. There must have been 3 truckloads of workers here today.

But the kicker is, we didn’t hire ANYONE to work in our yard. We haven’t had anyone else out to work in our yard for over a year. And the person we had hired the last time is still recovering from food poisoning that he came down with on Tuesday. We think that somebody else paid for a lawn company to come out and clean up their yard. And that company was at our house instead of where they should have been, doing stuff that we didn’t set up and removing some plants that we didn’t want removed. We’re going to have to rake up all that chipped wood before it kills off what grass there is in the front yard. This isn’t what we needed to come home to this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Weird thing happened at our house today

  1. How Bizarre! You don’t think that maybe someone thought they were doing you a favor by having a lawn service come by? Did they get the big dead tree in the back yard at least? Take some pictures before you clean up as evidence of what was done…just in case.

  2. That is so weird! I think I would have freaked out. Hopefully you can find out the name of the landscape company and get compensated for all the things they ruined.

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