Back out of Whack

My back has been bothering me lately, and since I’m getting ready to go into my biz busy season, I figured that I ought to go ahead on and get it checked out. Its the lower back, and has been really tight and not quite spasming when I straighten up from bending over or twisting. Not good, right?

So I went to a chiropractor. He took xrays of my spine, and did a variation of an EMG of the muscles neck and back. In looking at the xrays, my spine is way out of whack. My neck looks very close to what it looked like when I had whiplash. The perils of working on a computer. My posture isn’t what it ought to be. So my back is messed up and hurts. I’ll be making regular trips to the chiropractor to get it jerked and put back into the alignment. I’m just glad they can take appointments that are before the regular business day starts.


3 thoughts on “Back out of Whack

  1. It didn’t happen over night, so its going to take a while. But I’ll end up in pretty good shape, so I’m pleased with the prognosis.

    Thanks for dropping in, cmnacnud. I see that you’re a/with a chiropractor, so you are welcome to offer relevant comments here in my blog. I’ve been under a chiropractor’s care before, so I’m relatively familiar with the procedures.

  2. Thanks. Yes, I’m a chiropractor, and relatively new to blogs ( so I’m just looking around for interesting success stories, and places I can comment. I’m glad to hear you are doing well. I’ll be making the blog rounds, so if you want any chiropractic comments or have questions feel free to ask.

    Who’s your chiropractor? I always like to make good connections.

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