Finished World War Z

It only took me half a year to get the book and read it. It is an interesting read. There are parts that I was snickering at, and there are parts that are so true to life that I ached for. Check below the cut for more.

World War Z by Max Brooks is written to be a memoir of different peoples’ activities in the Zombie war. It is set 10 years after the end of the war. Life has changed immensely since the zombies rose. And humanity was fortunate to survive. In spite of the blindness and inaction of the previous governments. People did what they had to do for survival. And it included making exceedingly difficult choices, as well as figuring out how to survive with less than modern conveniences.

The book is less horror than social commentary dressed in some horror and documentary tropes. I know this because DH read and enjoyed the book. He doesn’t do traditional horror, so I know it doesn’t hit the “normal” horror ideas. That isn’t to say that there aren’t horrific moments in the book, there are. When you have the recollections of a person who was fed human flesh because the family was starving in the area north of the freezing line, or the recollections of a soldier who survived the Battle of Yonkers, or any number of people who had to make hard and emotionally wrenching decisions while trying to survive.

According to Wikipedia, there are plans to make a movie out of World War Z. Whether or not they are able to pull it off, I’ll be interested to see.