New vehicle

Well, I got a new vehicle for getting around in town. I got a scooter. It’s a Genuine Buddy International 150 cc. I got it at Magic City Motor Scooters. Thanks to Matt and Will for all their help with my purchase! It came in on July 3rd. I paid the balance on it and brought it home that evening. DH followed me in his car as I drove it home like a granny. 🙂
Me on scooter

I drove it Friday morning before we headed to Huntsville, then Sunday afternoon to kickball. What, you have a problem with adults who play kickball? Go on with ya then. No one ever said I was really good at it, but I made several good catches last Sunday. I also fell on my ass and hit my head, but I didn’t drop the ball I caught. Unfortunately it was so busy last week that I didn’t have the opportunity to drive at all after work. DH had the time to play some on the scooter last week, and did. He has much more experience on 2 wheel motorized vehicles than I do, so I do take his suggestions on my riding to heart.

Then yesterday DH followed me as I tried the route to my office. I will take First Ave North to Roebuck, go on Five Mile Road to Carson Road. When we got into parking at my work, DH was not pleased with how I drove, especially on First Avenue North. I was much slower than the posted speed limit. When I was reading reviews of the scooter, the reviewer was going 10% slower than the speedometer read. So DH was telling me I was actually going about 10 mph slower than I thought I was going. That is not going to be safe on the roads! After walking around for a little bit, we headed back to the house. With a stop for gas for DH’s car. Now that I knew the speedometer was reading faster than I was traveling, I could mentally make the adjustment for it. And the trip back went much better in DH’s mind. There were some folks along First Avenue North who were out grilling in front of a store who thought the scooter was cool and wanted me to stop, but DH needed a pit stop, so since he was being so helpful to me I didn’t want to cause him additional discomfort with an unintended stop. So I thanked them for their interest, but told them I needed to head on. We got home and DH was much happier with how I drove back. I did stay up at very close to the posted speed limit, or with the flow of the existing traffic on the large roads. Actually knowing how far off the speedometer reads helped my driving back immensely. DH was not ready to say I was ready to drive to work on the way out, but after the trip back, he was willing to concede that with a little more practice I would be ok.

Today I went out after church on my scooter with DH following me on his bike. I drove around the block, then headed over to Forest Park on Clairmont. I did ok heading out, and we turned around Triangle Park and came back on Clairmont. Unfortunately, coming back up Clairmont my engine died. I tried to restart it, but it wouldn’t go. So DH went ahead on home to get gas, and I pushed the scooter up the road to a little more safe spot on the road out of the way. While I was there, I checked the gas level in the tank, since I was at about a third of a tank on my fuel gauge. After a few minutes, the scooter started up again, so I started back on my way home. I was really wanting to get home, because the weather was threatening. Rain was moving in and thunder was rumbling in the distance. But about halfway back to the house while on Clairmont the scooter engine died again. So I called DH to let him know what happened and where I was. He came back with his car and a gascan. Even though I wasn’t out, he added about a half a gallon to the tank and the scooter started again. I got it to our block and the engine died a third time. But I was close enough to push the scooter to the house. So I now have a call to Matt to see what I need to have done.