More scootering this weekend

DH and I went out riding Saturday morning. I had to put gas in the scooter, so we went to one of the closest stations. I put in 2/3 of a gallon. It filled the tank up. 😀 I love it! Then we went putt putting around. The plan was to go to the Pepper Place market, then to ride as we wanted. The overall goal of the day was to get me more comfortable on the scooter. It went pretty well.

After filling up the scooter we drove around to Crestwood Boulevard and down it into town to Pepper Place. After getting the windshield on the scooter, one of the mirrors was working loose. So we stopped, DH puled out his handy dandy toolkit including 13mm wrench and blue loctite. We got it gooped and tightened up, then off we went. The other mirror appears to be staying together. I think I want to have a 13mm wrench in the seat with my standard stuff.

We got to Pepper Place, and we parked in a T, with the scooter at the head of the space and the Ural at the foot. 😀 It tickles me to no end to have this wild flexibility in parking. As we were approaching the stalls, DH found a set of what we assumed wer car keys. After turning them into the information booth, we wandered through the market. We saw booth for Artwalk and visited with Joy. We picked up some peaches and a gift for my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday. 🙂 Then DH had his fill of walking around so we went back to the bike and scooter and headed out.

We took 29th Street up to Highland Avenue, the Highland back east to Clairmont Avenue, then Clairmont to Crestwood. It was a a very nice ride. Twisty enough that I was pleased to have the turn work and not busy enough to feel bad about possibly holding up traffic in a hurry to get somewhere.

I find that I need some sort of destination to get out and ride. Having some idea of where I want to go is good incentive for me to get there. I still need to take the Motorcycle Safety Class, and I wouldn’t mind taking a scooter safety class either, if I could find one relatively close by.