Been mesmerised

watching reports of Hurricane Gustav all day today. Its been like a flashback to 3 years ago. I have friends and family down in Louisiana, south Mississippi, Florida, and Texas. We’re 250 miles north of the coast, so we don’t get the initial brunt of the storms, we get them after they’ve calmed some, or we get the rain bands and recurring waves of thunderstorms and tornados that are spawned with the spinning of the system.

Birmingham has evacuation shelters open, and I think that even though they planned for 4,000 evacuees, last I heard we had around 7,000. Shades of 2005.

One of my friends lives in Houma, LA. After it made landfall, the eye passed over Houma. That’s where Jim Cantore was located. Several days ago she had said that her family was planning on riding out the storm at home. When we got word that the hurricane was up to Cat 4, I got really worried for her and her family. I found out today that they did decide to evacuate before Gustav hit. Another friend lives in Baton Rouge. Her family stayed there. They were set to shelter from the tornados. Other friends live in Erath, they had evacuated to Lafayette. And still more friends live in New Orleans. We got the word last night that they were not evacuating. Their house survived Katrina and the post hurricane flooding that did so much damage to different neighborhoods. So they decided to stay behind. I got an email this evening that they are doing ok. The power is out at their house, but they are next door at the bar with a group of other folks who decided to stick it out and have electricity and internet there. 🙂 So far all the people have been able to check back in and let us know that they are ok. I’m really thankful for this. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the flooding in New Orleans that is happening will be much more limited this time around.