I finished American Gods

I did finish Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I did like it,and I’m still mulling it over. Its a lot darker than Anansi Boys, the semi sequel to it. I’ll be writing up a real review of the book soon. But I’m about to crash tonight and trying to write the thoughtful entry that it deserves isn’t possible right now. 😦 I’m going to be starting Land of Laughs next.

3 thoughts on “I finished American Gods

  1. I look forward to the ‘real review’ and although I may have told you this already I certainly recommend quickly picking up a copy of Fragile Things and reading the last story, Monarch of the Glen for a very good story about Shadow set after the events of A.G.

  2. Was American Gods good? I was going to read Anansi Boys next after I get done with “Club Dumas” (novel behind the movie “The Ninth Gate”), but my reading is going at a snail’s pace… Which one should I read next? I’ve never read a Neil Gaiman before but his stuff fascinates me.

  3. Josh, I did enjoy American Gods. Its different enough in tone from Anansi Boys and it doesn’t follow straight from one to the other. Its more like the books are set in the same universe and have some overlapping characters.

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