Spent the evening with Mom

My little brother is getting married in March. And its shower time. I went to one of the showers last month. It was nice, and we played the usual stupid wedding shower games, make a wedding dress out of toilet paper, guess what kind of kitchen implements are in a pillowcase by feel, and guess the number of M&Ms in a jar. Whee. Mom made the cake for that shower, and will be making both the bride’s cake and the grooms cake for the wedding.

So this Sunday there’s going to be a reception at church, and Mom was asked to make the cake for it. Mom agreed to do it, and get it done early because there’s another wedding shower this weekend down where my little brother and his fiancee live. On this past Monday, the lady hosting the shower called and asked Mom to make a cake for this shower, since my brother’s fiancee really likes her cakes.

So I spent this evening over at Mom’s house, helping her mix up buttercream icing. I decorated the cupcakes that are for church for the kids. I mixed up the color blue that is in the same family as the bridesmaids dresses to use on the shower caked. I even helped to decorate the shower cake. At least I was able to let Mom continue to decorate the cakes while I mixed up extra batches of icing. Otherwise it would have taken her a couple more hours to get it all done. It was fun spending time with her.


2 thoughts on “Spent the evening with Mom

  1. My brother’s getting married in October. Haven’t started much of the preparation yet (but lots of the brainstorming). Sounds like they’re having cheesecake instead of traditional cake, so we’ll see how that goes!

  2. Cheesecake is good. And my brother is having cheesecake for the groom’s cake. Its going to be an architectural wonder. He wants it in the shape of the football stadium. I can’t wait to see exactly how that is going to turn out.

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