Updates from the home front

Thanks, y’all, for all the support you’ve given us in the last month and a half. DH & I and the other 2 kitties waited a month, then we went to the Humane Society. DH & I ended upcoming home with 2 kittens. We decided on 2 kittens since we didn’t them to annoy the everliving snot out of the older cats who are 10 and 6.

kitten introductionsSo we adopted Frankie and Penny from the Humane Society. They are no longer named Frankie and Penny. The little boy is now Garibaldi. garbaldi kitten And the little girl is Na’Toth. na'toth kitten

The oldest 2 cats are not thrilled with the kittens, but are also grooming them. As long as we make sure to let the older kitties know we aren’t supplanting them, They are ok. So the kitties are here We still miss Delenn, and will continue to do so. But the loss is no longer so sharp, and we are loving the new kittens. Life goes on, and we honored the memory of Delenn by going to the Humane Society to find new kitties.