Auld Lang Syne

And its been an eventful year.

I’ve been scootering for a year and a half now. And now have 4 cats instead of 3. I’ve survived interesting times with my biz. My family and friends are doing pretty well. Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers and nephews and nieces are all good. Yay!

New books have been read, new songs heard and sung. New places visited and old ones were re-visited.

The only new years resolution I may attempt is to try to be better about writing here. I’ve really let this slide in the last 6 months. And I do know that the only way to get better at writing is to sit down and apply fingers to key board. It’s time to do that now.

I do want to thank everyone who checks in here and follows me on twitter. Y’all are a wonderful group of people and I really appreciate you. Even when I’m being silly or stupid or geeky, you still want to see what I’m nattering on about. Thank you.

Happy New Year, Y’all! As I said earlier on twitter, may the best day of this year be worse than the worst day of the next year!