Happy Valentine’s Day

Its Valentine’s day, and DH I are at home. We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Whee, an excuse for the store to sell us cards, flowers and candy. A time to get out to eat and get lost in the crowds. No thanks. Instead we’re getting leftovers and hanging out. That is just fine with us. Hope your Valentines day is whatever you want it to be.

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. By design, I made sure I was out that weekend on a ‘work-cation’. I didn’t want to go out on another Valentine’s Day date and be served by harried servers who’d rather not be working that day. Besides, at 32, I have had only 1 date and would rather wait on just the right one to come along, sweep me off my feet, and we can enjoy that day together doing something other than gorge ourselves on over-priced food on a set menu.

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