Stupendous news here!

I’m reeling from it, but I got word on Wednesday that I have been invited to attend the NASA Tweetup for the launch of the next Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center in Florida! Imagine me jumping up and down while squeeing like a little girl!!!! OMG!

This is something I never imagined I could win, since it was a drawing for people who tweet and there are a very large number of us. There was a 24 hour period of time to sign up on August 24-25. I later got the figure of over 2700 entries were created on the form for this. Then NASA pulled the entries out of a figurative hat and started notifying 150 winners that they were able to attend if they could, as well as 150 alternates and all the other people that entered.

The bad thing is, DH can’t get into the tweetup. He is welcome to come to Florida and watch from the public viewing area, but he will not have access to the areas I will for 2 days. So this is bittersweet for me. I’ve never seen a shuttle launch, or a space launch of any kind. I had vowed to my self that I would find a way to witness one of the last launches, but I really thought DH would be by my side to watch it, both of us holding the other’s hand and willing that rocket on its way safely out and back.

I have to pay my own way there and find a place to stay contingent on the shuttle keeping its intended launch date. I have a flight, and can re-arrange it if I need to. I have a room booked that is more than I really want to pay, but I need to call em up and adjust the reservation so if the shuttle launches on Nov 1 and I check out I won’t be paying for additional nights at 200 a pop. I still have to get a rental.

You can follow me on twitter at @ageekgirl. The hashtags for this are #NASATweetup and #STS133. NASA’s aggregator page for the tweetup and social media feeds is

Right now the twitter hashtag #NASATweetup is being used by the folks selected in a an introductory way and is all abuzz with folks who are like me, insanely excited to have this once in a life time opportunity. If you have any suggestions for me about the area, I’d love to see ’em! I have no idea what its like to be there for a launch,and how crazy it gets. So please suggest places or tips for dealing with it all!


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