Happy belated birthday, scooter

Well, I didn’t mark it at the time, but I’ve had my scooter for 2 years now! Hooray! I’ve put over 7000 miles on it in the time since I got it. I’m pleased that in spite of the way I scared myself on that second trip home from work that I have keep on riding and will now get on my scooter even if it is raining. Now storming is a different matter entirely! If it is storming, I won’t get out on the scoot unless I absolutely have to.

Last October I rode in the Revvin 4 Research charity ride for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They raised over $12,000 for their inaugural ride. I kept up with bikes on the ride, except when they went on the interstate. I keep my 10 inch wheels off the interstate. But I still managed to surprise the motorcycle riders on the big bikes who thought I’d be holding them back. 🙂

One of the scooter friends I’ve made on Twitter is Arlene Battishill, @lascootergirls, who is the CEO of GoGo Gear, a line of protective riding wear designed specifically for women. Arlene was the one who when she saw that all the protective gear was basically cut down men’s gear, got up and re-envisioned it and re-designed gear specifically for us! I’m so proud to be able to call her a friend, and to have been able to cheer lead for her while she was producing her jackets for us! I have the trench coat in grey and the cafe jacket in red to wear. Both are fantastic jackets!

I didn’t realize that when I was getting a scooter I would be changing my life. But in the course of the two years since I got it, it has. Like when I was learning to fly, I pay more attention to the weather conditions. I also pay attention to my health and the status of the rest I’ve gotten before I get onto the scooter. If I’m not able to pay good attention to my surroundings, I don’t need to be on it. But being able to see the sky more clearly in the mornings or feeling the temperature change as the terrain I ride in changes is amazing. I was out riding Sunday and came upon either an older faun or a young doe in the middle of the road. As I approached, the deer’s head rose and watched me, then it bounded off to the side and through the woods. It was a lovely example of what I see on the scooter and what I miss while in the car.