Found my student pilot’s license the other day

Wow. I had been looking for some other things and poking through the strata of old stuff on a dresser. There among the older jewelry was my student pilot’s license. It was dated 1993… sigh.

And it really has been that long since I piloted a plane. One of the things that I want to do is finish my hours and become a licensed pilot. Unfortunately time and money got in the way before. And it never has been a priority since then either. Instead I got married, we bought a house, got kitties, lost grandmothers, changed jobs, and started my own business.

And flying lessons got put on hold. and on hold and on hold. But since I won the lottery with my golden ticket to the tweetup, I’m feeling like much more is possible. Who knows what the future will hold? Not me, but sometimes anything is possible!