Ride for Kids Birmingham 2010

This is a charity ride that DH has done since he got his Ural. The Ride for Kids raises money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. It is one of 40 rides across the USA that raises money fr the foundation as well as serves the families of children with brain tumors. The first year DH heard on the Ural board that they needed sidecar rigs for the Ride for Kids here in town. He showed up, and his motorcycle was one carrying a small child who was too sick to ride on the back of a bike. The little boy who he gave a ride to that year looked about half of his age and was in his own world. It really touched DH’s heart, and he vowed that he would always do this ride.

At the beginning of this past June, DH took his Ural to a new dealer in Atlanta to get some work done on the bike that he couldn’t accomplish at the house. He does most of the work on it but he doesn’t have enough space and a couple of specialized tools that he needs to do everything on it. It is still in the shop there. DH is not a happy camper. A month ago he told them that the Ride for Kids was on September 12, and that this was the ONE ride that he wanted to make on the bike. No luck.

A while back, he had gotten an email about volunteering for the ride. In order to volunteer, you needed to show up to one of two volunteer meetings, either on Thursday night or Saturday morning. Thursday night came and went, and he didn’t attend the meeting. So Saturday morning he had to attend, or he wouldn’t be able to participate at all. He had really been contemplating not participating at all since he wasn’t going to be able to ride. Then Saturday morning he slipped and fell. So I accompanied him to the
volunteer meeting. And we both were signed up to volunteer for the ride.

So this morning we both were up and out the door to arrive at the Barber Motorsports Park by 7:00AM. We were in such a hurry to get out the door we forgot a camera.
So any pictures we have are from our less than smart phone cameras.

ageek girl's scooter and jacket We got there, got signed in and registered for the ride, then got to work. Both DH and I were greeting the folks as they arrived and having them sign liability releases, then directing them to registration and breakfast coffee and munchies. Registration ended at 9:45, then there was the rider’s meeting. Ride lineup of motorcycles

We started the ride pretty close to on time at 10:05. The route took us out from the park onto Rex Lake Rd to Hwy 78 to County Rd 25 to County Rd 43 to US 280 to Hwy 119 to Zeigler Road and back to Rex Lake Rd and the park. At the end of the ride, everyone who wished was able to ride a lap around the racetrack at Barber’s. Yes, I did ride around the track on my scooter!
Riding out

After we were done on the track and with the entire ride, we came back to the area where we started out and had a sack lunch, then the program started. The Ride Manager told about the gentleman who had started the ride 27 years ago, since he passed away last year. The individuals and clubs who had raised the most money for this ride were recognized. Then the kids who were the purpose of this ride were brought on stage and had the opportunity to speak. Finally they
announced that the ride had raised $74,906 dollars this year.

DH was helpful while we were out on the ride, setting up chairs and lunch, breaking down tables that weren’t needed, running for ice, and other things that needed to be done. Afterward he helped break down the chairs and clean up. There wasn’t too much clean up that had to be done, but it went quickly.

DH told the folks in charge that he was really glad that he had come out and volunteered. And said that he should have done it before. I was glad to have been able to help too. We will both be back next year for 2011 Ride for Kids.

–edited 9/13/10 to update the ride for kids link and the fundraising dollar total