Successfully installed a new router at the house

Our old router went the way of the dodo. So as the resident tech, since its just me and DH, it fell on me to get us back up on line.

Six months or a year ago, our wireless access point gave up the ghost. When I went to purchase another one, it ended up being cheaper to get a wireless router and use it as an access point instead of purchasing a dedicated access point. At that point we also knew that we were approaching the functional end of the regular wired router too. I knew I could use it as a router after that happened, so I researched the settings for an access point, and set it up.

A week or so ago the wired router was acting really wanky, but we seemed to be able to limp it along. Yesterday it finally quit being able to be used at all. Since I have very little hardware experience, I’m a bit leary of getting in and mucking with hardware. But it ain’t nuthin but a thang, so tonight I got into the wireless router and dug in. At least we had the ISP settings written down and accessible, so I wasn’t trying to get them from the ISP or from memory. I typed the wireless passphrase in enough times that I can do it in my sleep. It took an hour and a half or two to get all the different settings just right, but we are now up on the new wireless router!