Wants versus needs

I’m fighting with myself over want versus need. Last phone upgrade I went with a clamshell phone and got a netbook. Overall I’m pleased with the netbook, but I’m still jonesing for a smart phone. It would be incredibly handy in my biz to look up characters that I’m asked for that I have never seen before, or can check the weather on the fly out while riding on my scooter.

I won’t go with an iPhone. I really don’t care for AT&T and their coverage in Alabama is not as good as Verizon, my current provider. I’ve been given notice that I can now upgrade my phone early. I’d really like one of the Droids, but in order to get that phone it’ll cost $200.00.

On the other hand, this trip to the NASA tweetup is a really great excuse to upgrade! Yes, I like gadgets. And if I get a smartphone I can forgo some of the other gadgets to take with me. But do I really want to spend that money on a phone when I have one that works.

Decisions, decisions. I gotta choose soon.