A phone decision has been made

And I’m joining the ranks of folks with smart phones. Yes, I’m a sheeple.

But it’ll be cool! 😀 I’ll have photos later…


3 thoughts on “A phone decision has been made

  1. Which one? It took me forever too – I went straight from an LG flip phone with pretty much NOTHING to it to an htc Incredible run on Android. LOVE IT. You’ll get hooked fast. And I’m surprised a techie like you didn’t already have one.

    It’ll make your tweeting a lot easier too.

  2. I’ll share when it gets here. And it should get he by early next week.

    I’m fairly cheap, so I’m rarely an early adopter of tech. I usually can’t afford to be on the bleeding edge. I’ll enjoy the last few days of my flip phone and then wipe it and pass it along to one of the programs that recycles phones for folks needing assistance for safety.

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